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Kyle Summers - Close Up Magician
- Magician for Hire in the UK


Kyle Summers
Member of the Magic Circle
        Why Book a Close-up Magician?
1.      The popularity of Close-up or Table Magicians is on the rise.People work hard all week, trying their very best to improve the quality of their production and increase turnover. This can create stress and anxiety and awards ceremonies are often the incentive which they require to maintain their resolve. Kyle plays a valuable role during these occasions. He brings people together and engages and involves them in the mystery of the effect. As this is occurring, the stresses of the week become all but forgotten.
What better way to make a fun event even better?
And remember, when booking to entertain prospective clients or as an incentive at a promotional event - the corporate close-up magician is a tax deductible expense!
2.      Weddings are usually congregations of strangers among strangers. Close-up Magicians bring the people together. All that it takes is for one to say to the other: ‘ did he do that?’ and a conversation has begun; friendships develop - sometimes even more! What more could anyone ask?
          Why Book Kyle?
  1. Kyle Summers is one of the most in-demand close-up magicians in the UK and his clients have included some of the most distinguished members of high society such as Lord Bamford and Lord McKay. He has entertained a host of celebrities including international movie director Michael Winner. He was very quickly accepted into the esteemed British entertainers union, Equity and passed the entrance examination to the world-renowned Magic Circle upon his first attempt. Kyle has extended his knowledge and skill to the cutting edge of close-up magic. He will also consider the particulars of your event and cater his performance accordingly. For example, a private house party is not usually a sit-down event. It is very mix and mingle and informal. Weddings and annual dinner parties are the complete reverse and require split second timing in order to cover a table before the waiters return. Kyle is the master at negotiating this.
  1.  He uses the most sophisticated techniques known to exist within the art including impromptu clairvoyance and psychic effects; Kyle has become the ultimate mesmerist. His dynamic approach as a magician and his Californian sparkle, combined with some of the most advanced magic to date ensures the success of any event.
3.     Wherever you are in the UK, Kyle will travel to bring amazement and levity to your special event.
Here are a few questions that people often ask when they are considering booking Kyle:
Q - "When is the best time at a wedding for Kyle to perform?”
A - The best times are, firstly, in the reception area. A little mix and mingle during pre-dinner drinks is a wonderful ice-breaker. Following that, table-hopping between the courses of the meal is terrific. It is not advisable for the magician to perform when people are actually eating. A knife and fork in hand, a mouth full of food and ‘pick a card’ do not mix. It can also be very intrusive. However, performances in-between the courses are perfect!  Mix and mingling during the photos is also quite popular.
Close-up magic cannot be performed during speeches or at the same time in the same room as a band or disco. The audience will be focused on the speech or the other act and the noise will drown out the magician to the extent that performance will not be possible. The speeches and the disco usually herald the end of the magician’s performance. This should always be taken into account when considering timing.
Q - "How much does it cost?"
A - The big question! The answer is - it depends! Price is based on many factors (date, length of performance, location etc.) However, Kyle will always offer a very competitive rate.
Q – “Are there any hidden charges?”
A – No! The fee quoted will be the total including expenses and NO VAT will apply!
Q – “Does Kyle have public liability insurance?”
A – Yes, up to £10,000,000.
Q - "What if Kyle is ill or something happens and he can't make it"?
A – If Kyle were to fall too ill to perform, he would ensure that a colleague of an equal standard would perform for you for the same fee.
Nevertheless, force majeure cannot be accommodated for, for example – a national crisis which suddenly occurs on the day causing travel to become impossible. Or if Kyle should meet an untimely end in an accident en route to your event.
Q – “Will we be able to go and see Kyle performing somewhere?”
A – The answer to that question is – not really. Kyle performs primarily at private company functions, weddings and private parties – exactly the type of event that you are considering him for, and not usually at shows that are open to the general public.
Q – “Will Kyle meet with us to give us a demonstration before we book him?”
A – In the spirit of fairness, Kyle is willing to accommodate in return for travel expenses. As an entertainer who travels nationally, it must be expected that if you wish for him to embark on a journey to provide you with a demonstration of his skills, there will be a charge of 35p per mile to cover the petrol.
Q - "Can Kyle make my husband/wife/’X’ disappear?"
A – This is a question asked of every magician at every gig as many as 25 times. Magicians often hold contests to see who has received ‘the question’ the most during any one event. Regrettably, however, since The Magicians Act came into force in February 2006, the law expressly states that the erasure of a human being during a performance is a criminal offence which carries a maximum sentence of eternal banishment to the Phantom Zone under Section 13 ergo – the answer is a resounding NO!
Q - "Does Kyle perform at children's birthday parties?"
A - No! Children’s requirements are very different, although children aged 10 and over will love close-up magic if they are at the table with adults.
A Couple of Testimonials:
“Please pass on our very sincere thanks to Kyle for a wonderful start to the evening on the 3rd October. He has an incredible personality and effortlessly integrates himself with a group of strangers to mingle with them and astound them with his acts. The folk at the party were still sharing stories yesterday of the amazing illusions and tricks he performed. A top night made very special and memorable by having Kyle work his magic!”
- Mr James Baird on having Kyle perform at his 40th birthday celebration
Absolutely amazing! Impossible! Are you sure that there isn't something in this wine?
- Michael Winner (Movie Director)


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