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Tommy Cooper Remembered
- Tribute Act for Hire in the UK

I would bet a large sum of money that there is no one out there (over the age of 50) that has never done a Tommy Cooper impersonation – or at the very least gone --- wait for it ---‘Jus Like That’. In fact lets all shout the catch phrase out now one two three, as a salute for T C, because it’s just over 25 years since we lost The Great Man. Well, did you shout it out?   If you did you will be feeling a lot better now!
Clive Geenaway travels around the country recreating those magical moments, (private parties, for Sir Anthony Hopkins, the remaining of Tommy’s family’s special lunch, clubs, pubs, theatres and hotels.)  Egg bag, bag egg, bottle glass, glass bottle, the great mind reading duck, Tommy’s jokes and tricks are like a box of chocolates.  Everyone has their favourite, for example, ‘I went to the Doc’s the other day’ and said ‘I have broken my arm in two places.’ Doc. Says ‘Well don’t go to those places.’ ‘But it hurts when I do that.’  ‘Well don’t do that.’
Due to popular demand there is going to be a Another Special Tommy Cooper Show on  19/3/ 2011, at The Lamb Theatre Eastbourne, please see web site as he had a cottage just up the road from it -- PS if anyone ever met TC in the past PLEASE send me an email with your story and I will buy you a cup of tea at the Lamb Pub!!
for full details. The Lamb Public House was Tom’s favourite pub in Eastbourne
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Well Xmas is well and truely over

I had some great times at the partys I was booked at

So many thanks to Hall & Woodhouse, Norwich airport, Alton Assesembly rooms, Regency IT Consulting, Highwoods golf club, Crown Hotel Lyndhurst,Golf Clubs, Masonics, Round tables/Rotorys The Lamb Theatre, All the private parties and small clubs, looking forward to seeing you again next year jus like that
My Favourite Quote / Write Up This Year
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The main act was the professional comic magician - Clive Greenaway, in the style and dress of the immortal Tommy Cooper, of 40’s -70's fame. He delighted the whole audience with his magic tricks, which often started off going wrong, much to our delight, but then magically coming out right, often with a totally unexpected outcome and flourish. We laughed all the time for the rest of the show, and again, were sorry to say goodbye to such a refreshing act. He dressed like Tommy Cooper, walked like him, talked like him, and was constantly applauded both by us who remembered Tommy and those who didn't. We just wanted More More More More More

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